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What is muda? & What Can it Teach Us About Waste Reduction in the Home

Efficiency in the home is often related to cleanliness, orderliness and a stress-free environment. As consumers, we have the tendency to buy things we need and use, as well as things we think we need, and later find to be worthless. And along enters muda – a Japanese word, meaning futility; uselessness; wastefulness. There are 7 wastes […]

The Environmental Cost of Single-use Cleaning Supplies – Are they Worth the Convenience?

Environmental Impact of Single Use Swiffer Sheets and other Single Use Supplies In a world full of infinite cleaning products lined up, ready and waiting on store shelves, we are offered a colorful and scented plethora of multiple choices. Careful though, making a decision before you choose what to clean your floor with, because like a […]