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How to Develop a Better Cleaning & Decluttering Routine using the 5S Method

Using the 5S Method to Improve Your Cleaning Routine and Reduce Stress Efficiency – the ability to avoid wasting resources such as time, money and energy – is a key element in having a clutter-free, less stressful home. One of the ways that we can achieve calm and peace of mind in the workplace and […]

How Decluttering Improves Home Cleanliness and Hygiene

Clutter is anything and everything in your home that you do not use, do not need and do not like. It is not only the physical blockages such as the growing pile of laundry or stack of bills on the kitchen counter that prevent a free-flowing rhythm in your home, clutter is tied up in […]

Using the 5S Method to Create a Clean, Organized Home

What is the 5s Method? How to use it: A clean and organized home starts with the desire to have a tidy, uncluttered space. When we are able to identify the unorganized and chaotic areas of our living space, then we have a chance to make lasting changes. The 5S philosophy is more than just a cleaning […]