How To Deep Clean Hardwood Floors

Here’s a quick guide and video tutorial on how to mop hardwood floors, in a way you may not have known about! Most of the time, cleaning hardwood floors requires just 2 steps – pick up dust, hair, and debris, then mop to a buffing shine (all while reducing wear and tear). Unfortunately, these 2 take most people a long time. But, if you use our technique, its a snap!

Using our method, there is no longer a need for a bucket filled with scented chemicals and a wet, floppy mop that has limited scrubbing power and is difficult to wring out. Also, you don’t have to get down on your hands and knees to achieve a sparkling clean.

Our new age method requires that you kick the mop bucket, and pick up a microfiber mop.

It really works wonders! The microfiber mop we prefer, the Turbo Microfiber Mop, has a hint of old-style common sense with its extendable aluminum handle and pivoting head, infused with modern looped microfiber pads. Each pad’s thousands of loops effortlessly pick up dirt, dust, and hair better than traditional dusters and sweepers + they mop up grime with much greater effectiveness and efficiency than old school wring-able mops. Further, each machine washable pad lasts for months with continuous use and is soft enough to use on just about any surface.

Simply, in 4 steps, a quick and efficient clean goes like this:

  1. Clear the floor from clutter, toys, large crumbs such as cereal, etc.
  2. Dry-mop to pick up dirt and debris with a clean microfiber mop pad.
  3. Wet-mop to give a quick degreasing shine.
  4. Wash and dry your microfiber pads for their next use.

Have a look at our helpful video tutorial using this method in a large hallway in my home using a Turbo Microfiber Mop (detailed explanation below video). If you find this video helpful, please share it with your friends:

On a dry floor, pick up all the dust, pet hair, food crumbs and such by starting to mop along one edge of your wall. Work your way around the perimeter of the room, paying special attention to the corners as well as getting under chairs, tables and shelves.

Then with a side to side “S” motion, starting at the far end of the room, work your way back– letting just one edge of the mop come into contact with the uncleaned floor surface, so that you are not spreading the dust, you are trapping it along one edge of the microfiber mop.

Once you have dry mopped the entire area it is time to give the hardwood floor a bit of shine.

With a simple solution of 1 part vinegar, 4 parts water and a squirt of liquid dish soap all mixed together in a spray bottle, you are then ready for wet mopping.

The advantage of this spray technique is that it uses less water or chemicals for an ultra-efficient, hypoallergenic clean. Try adding 5-10 drops of essential oils, such as tea tree or tangerine, for not only an energizing aroma, but also for their disinfectant properties.

Change to a clean, dry microfiber mop head and head off to the far end of the room, trying always not to stand on what you have just cleaned. Spray close to the floor and mop one small section at a time. Since the floor has already been dusted, you can use any technique you choose, leading edge S pattern or a scrubbing motion, just make sure that all dirty floor surfaces are thoroughly cleaned.

Spray your DIY cleaning solution as often as needed and swiftly wipe it up. The collective moisture on the microfiber mop will go a long way, so use just as much as you need, not a spritz more.

Cleaning your floors this way on a regular basis makes it easier to keep them clean with less work every time you need to mop. Plus, with a Turbo Microfiber Mop the only energy you will be using is yours and yours alone. No need to plug in to the grid and no clumsy attachments to store.

Now all you need to do is throw your reusable mop heads in the washing machine, sit back and admire your work, and wait patiently for the next floor cleaning.

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