How to Clean and Squeegee Garage and Shop Floors

Best Way to Clean Garage and Shop Floors

This is a quick tutorial on how to clean your garage and shop floors as well as how to squeegee your garage floors dry using my microfiber mop technique. There’s nothing like having garage and shop floors that are shining and clean, but most people don’t take the time to make them clean – or they don’t have a good way to do it (until now). In looking for the best way to clean my garage floors, I focused on speed, efficiency, and of course results. Here’s what I came up with — I think you’ll be impressed.

Garage floors present a unique cleaning challenge because they tend to have a lot of dirt, salt, and oil. Most mops, brooms, and cleaning tools don’t have the grit to break through and move the caked on dirt. So, the first thing I needed was a way to scrub through the dirt, un-sticking it from the ground.

Once the dirt was scrubbed up, I had to figure out a way to move the dirt and grime out of the garage. Generally this is done with water — either via a pressure washer, or by pouring water down and using a rubber squeegee to clear out the dirt and water. My trouble was that I didn’t own a pressure washer (and they are kinda overkill) and I’ve found that rubber squeegees don’t work very well.

So, I figured I’d give it a try with one of my microfiber mops. My plan was simple: scrub through all the dirt and grime with a scrubbing pad & hot soapy water, then squeegee the dirt and water out with a microfiber mop pad. Since my garage floor is relatively smooth, I felt like the microfiber might be able to squeegee the water and dirt out… but to be honest, it was kind of a guess. The result surprised me.

Have a look at the go-pro video I did of cleaning the garage floors with my Turbo Microfiber Mop. If you find this video helpful, please share it with your friends:

As you see in my video tutorial above, the results I achieved were pretty amazing. I was able to do a solid job of cleaning my garage floor, really really fast. It only took about 7 minutes to do 1 large stall — so probably about 20 minutes if I had done all 3 stalls in the garage. I feel like it used to take me an entire afternoon? Oh well, those days are over.

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Here are Step by step instructions on how to clean garage and shop floors, like I did in the video above:

1.) Pour hot, soapy water on the dirtiest areas of your garage floor.

2.) Use a dark green scouring pad to break and loosen the dirt, car oil, and salt on the ground. Dirt and water should form a slush, with the dirt not stuck to the floor.

3.) Pour a bit more water down, then use a microfiber pad and a normal squeegee motion to move the majority of the water and dirt out of your garage.

4.) Wring out your microfiber mop pad in a fresh bucket of water so it is reasonably dry and clean. Then, use a traditional back and forth S mopping pattern to lift up any remaining dirt and moisture on the your garage / shop floor. Periodically wring out the pad when it becomes soaked and repeat until the surface is clean and dry.

5.) Shake and batter out any large dirt and grime from the mop and scrub pad, before machine washing for next time.

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