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Cost Comparison of Swiffer Sweeper vs Microfiber Mop Over Time

Many modern consumers have shifted away from throw away (disposable) style Swiffer mops and have moved to machine washable microfiber style mops. Most people who’ve made the change point to the enhanced cleaning ability, the environmental benefits, and of course the potential cost savings of using a microfiber mop over the disposable Swiffer alternative. Here, we aim to give an […]

How to Assemble a Microfiber Mop Head – Step by Step Instructions

Turbo’s microfiber mops are easy to put together! In case you’re getting tripped up, here are the mop head assembly directions: 1.) Connect the aluminum handle and mop head component, lining up the holes of the aluminum handle with the mop head. 2.) Insert the locking key into the mop head holes and through the aluminum […]

Washing Instructions for Microfiber Mop Pads

Proper washing is a great way to ensure that your microfiber pads last a long time. As we’ve discussed elsewhere, getting the most out of your microfiber pads means saving money and reducing environmental waste. For more specifics see our posts How Long Do Microfiber Mop Pads Last? & Caring for your Microfiber: Things to Avoid. Here we discuss […]

How do Microfiber Pads Attach to the Mop Head?

Most microfiber mops, including our brand, have two strips of Velco on the bottom which stick to the pads. This method proves to work really well because the pads stay on securely during cleaning, but are still easy to remove for cleaning. See illustration below: 1.) To attach a pad, simply connect the pad to the velcro strips […]

How Long Do Microfiber Mop Pads Last?

Researching the potential cost savings of using a microfiber mop, you may be asking: how many washing cycles do microfiber mop pads last? And what are the cost savings over alternatives? The obvious disclaimer is that the longevity of your microfiber mop pads will depend on the types of chemicals used during cleaning and during washing. […]

Caring for your Microfiber: Things to Avoid

Since the purpose of using microfiber is to clean up the dirt and grime around your home, it seems a bit odd to be talking about how to keep it out of harms way.. but there are some things worth knowing which will improve the longevity of your microfiber. Things to avoid: Excess non-water solubles such as […]

How to Extend the Handle on a Telescoping Microfiber Mop

Professional grade mops like Turbo’s have easy to use extendable handles. The telescoping action is quick and easy, here’s how it works: 1.) To adjust your mop’s length, hold the mop under the gray joint with one hand and rotate the handle portion above the gray joint with the other hand (loosen with counter clockwise rotation, tighten […]

Uses for Old Microfiber Cloths and Pads

So, your microfiber doesn’t have the spunk that it used to? Now what? .. do you throw it out or find another use? Here are 5 uses for nearly worn out microfiber. • Car Cleaning: When cleaning a car, one of the biggest mistakes people make is to use a flat towel or shammy — which drags […]