Top 5 Ways to Use Old Microfiber Cloths and Pads

how to use microfiber cloth

So, your microfiber doesn't have the spunk that it used to? Now what? .. do you throw it out or find another use? Let's help you out on how the worn out Microfiber cloths and pads can be used.

5 Uses Microfiber Cloths & Pads

#1. Microfiber for Car Cleaning

When cleaning a car, one of the biggest mistakes people make is to use a flat towel or shammy -- which drags around dirt and sand during cleaning. The benefit of microfiber cloths/pads is that is pulls dirt, sand and particles up into the microfiber during cleaning, preventing those particles from coming into contact with the car's surface (scratching it). Older microfiber pads are ideal for car cleaning because of the their thickness and absorbency. For pro tips on car cleaning, have a look at this YouTube video by Youtuber Chris Fix. It may be the single best car cleaning video online. He does a great job of explaining why microfiber works best for car cleaning.  

#2. Use microfiber as a polishing buffer

Older microfiber is no longer very effective at picking up dirt and dust, but that's not to say it doesn't serve the purpose of polishing and buffing. The fact remains that your used microfiber won't put off lint, and even though it won't clean as well as it used to, its great for applying oil's and polish to your hardwood, trim, shoes, and car.

#3. Use Microfiber to scrub

In the beginning, you're probably a bit easy on your microfiber and shy away from hard scrubbing that can damage the fibers. Well, since that's no longer a concern, your old microfiber cloth and pads are now perfect for hard scrubbing on tiles, bathroom fixtures, toilets, etc. You no longer have to worry about exposure to bleach and harsher chemicals.

#4. Staining and Painting

The ability of microfiber to grab and hold onto dirt and grime in the beginning now makes it a great tool for holding onto more paint and stain on your project. While rags tend to hold just a small amount of paint or stain at a time on their surface, microfiber can grab onto much more without dripping, allowing you to cover more square footage per dunk into the paint bucket or wood stain can.

#5. Get creative

Just like dish rags that get old, we hang onto microfiber for the nasty jobs. If the job is nasty enough we finally retire the rag. You will find that old microfiber is more useful than old rags for a lot of things and tends to be tougher. As for old microfiber pads, we do things like punch a hole in one end and tie it onto our golf bag, hang it under the sink, as well as for cleaning dirty window sills and our homes exterior trim (a job that may be too dirty for a nice new microfiber pad). Why not?

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