Why Use Turbo Mops? The Turbo Pad Difference

Mops are pretty much a necessity when it comes to cleaning the house. Sure, you can use a vacuum cleaner, but that will only do so much. At the end of the day, you need something that will be able to wipe your floors clean—ideally with a bit of water and cleaner. Not only are they great for regular cleaning (which you should be doing on a weekly basis), but they can also be used to mop up the occasional spill. Aside from the floor, many can also be used to clean other surfaces such as walls, tiles, ceilings, benches, and more. The truth is, they've changed a lot over the past few decades. No longer are they bulky and heavy. Nowadays, many of them are lightweight and easy to maneuver—including the

Turbo Mop, which falls into the microfiber mop category. Microfiber mops are great for many reasons. First and foremost, they do not require any sort of wringing. After all, you're not saturating the pad in liquid. If anything, spraying a little bit of cleaner on the floor will suffice. Second of all, they are soft and nonabrasive. This means that you can use them for delicate surfaces—including the outside of your car!

Other Benefits of Microfiber Mops:

  • They have a high surface area, which allows it to pick up more dirt and debris
  • Most are very affordable
  • Small and compact, they are easy to store
  • Capable of lifting up to 99% of bacteria and germs with just plain water
  • Eco-friendly as they do not use disposable mop pads
  • Microfiber is incredibly absorbent—it can easily absorb 7x its weight in water
  • Dries much quicker than conventional mops
  • You won't have to worry about leaving behind lint
  • They are naturally hypoallergenic

More About the Turbo Mop

The Turbo Mop is built to last. Unlike many of the mops out there, it features quality construction that will not break even with repeated use. Easy to maneuver, it comes with a 17-inch mop head that cleans a considerable area with each glide. On top of that, it swivels 360 degrees; this will allow you to easily mop around corners and behind furniture. You won't even have to bend over!
Turbo Mops Highlight
Feature Highlights:
  • Suitable for a variety of floor types including hardwood, tile, cement, stone, bamboo, laminate
  • Long aluminum handle can be extended up to 60" in length
  • Extremely lightweight at just 1.2 pounds
  • Comes with strong velcro attachments on the underside of the head
  • Naturally locks in dust, debris, and pet hair
  • Can be used for wet mopping, dusting, and scrubbing

As you can see, there are many things that make the Turbo Mop stand out from the rest. In this article, however, we'll be taking a closer look at the mop pads.

The Turbo Mop: What Types of Mop Pads Does It Come With?

The Turbo Mop is unique in that it comes with more than one type of mop pad. Aside from the microfiber pads, it also comes with two scrubbing pads, the latter of which is meant for getting rid of stubborn stains. Both are the same size—17.5 x 4.5 x 0.7 inches.

Microfiber Pads The product comes with a couple of green microfiber pads that are designed for everyday mopping. Unlike some of the competing products out there, these pads are soft, thick, and plush. Soak them in water and you'll see just how absorbent they are (this is a good thing as it'll make it easier for you to clean the house).

Scrubbing Pads The scrubbing pads are much harder and stiffer compared to the microfiber ones. This makes sense, though—after all, they're meant for scrubbing away tough-to-clean stains and spots. Sure, you can dampen them with water, but don't expect them to be as absorbent as the microfiber variety.

What's So Special About the Turbo Mop Pads?

Turbo mop pads are more than just your average mop pad. They're designed to clean a variety of surfaces—both safely effectively. Let's take a look at some highlights.
turbo mops pads

They Are Made from Polyester and Nylon

These mop pads are made from a blend of polyester and nylon—synthetic fabrics that are known for being durable. In other words, they won't be coming apart anytime soon, even if you toss them in the washer. Strong and tough, they're guaranteed to last you a long time (which means $$$ savings for you!).

They Are Super Easy to Wash

Let's face it—you will have to wash the mop pads frequently, especially if you're cleaning a large area. Don't worry, though. The Turbo pads are extremely easy to clean. In fact, there's more than one way of doing it.

Option #1: You can put the Turbo pads in the washing machine with your laundry. Choose a delicate setting and wash with cold water. Avoid hot water if possible, as that can cause the microfiber to deteriorate more quickly. Do not use fabric softeners—these products will "clog" up the open spaces in the material, which will render them useless. If done properly, the pads can be machine washed up to 100 times!

Option #2: You can wash them by hand in the sink with a bit of water and soap. Gently massage the pad with your hand to remove the dust and debris (be careful of it clogging up the sink). Rinse with tap water when you're finished until the water becomes clear. Hang to dry.

They Dry Quickly

Not only are they easy to wash, but they also dry quickly. Despite the fact that they're super absorbent, they actually dry 3x faster than cotton. It depends on how wet they are, but generally speaking, the Turbo pads will dry completely within an hour.

They Can Be Used Three Ways

As mentioned earlier, the Turbo pads allow you to use the mop in three different ways.

Wet Mopping The microfiber mop pads can be used for wet mopping. Simply wet the surface of whatever you're cleaning with a bit of water and cleaner; that will allow it to glide effortlessly. The tiny microfibers will pick up most, if not all of the dirt and debris. Alternatively, you can dampen the microfiber pad by putting it in a container of soapy water. Make sure that it's not too wet, otherwise, the surface will take longer to dry. Once the mop pads start to get dirty, rinse it out with a bit of water. You can do this by putting it in a bucket or by running it under the faucet. Simply press down on the mop to get rid of the excess water; you won't have to do any wringing.

Scrubbing The scrubbing pads can be used to scrub out anything that's sticky and stuck-on. Before you use them on a large area, however, it's a good idea to first test them out in an inconspicuous spot. Some floor types might be more delicate than others—the last thing that you want is to ruin the finish of your floor with the pads.

Sweeping The microfiber pads are great for sweeping and dusting purposes if used dry. You don't have to add anything—just sweep away! The microfiber material will naturally grab onto any dust, dirt, and debris. If anything, it works much better than a broom! For the best results, though, you'll probably want to vacuum the spot that you'll be sweeping first. That way, you'll be able to get rid of the larger particles that might get in the way of your sweeping.

They Can Be Used For Other Mops Too

Do you own more than one type of mop? Wouldn't it be great if you could use the same mop pads for both of them! As it turns out, you can. The Turbo mop pads are compatible not only with the Turbo Mop but with other types of mops too! For instance, they're compatible with those made by Mr. Clean, Light N' Easy, Swifter, Shark, Bona, Libman, O-Cedar, Rubbermaid, and Bissell.

In fact, you can attach them to any mop that has a velcro bottom. Just make sure the size fits.

They Are Specifically Designed to Pick Up Pet Hair

Do you have a pet? Tired of having fur everywhere in the house? Why not clean it all up with a Turbo Mop? Yes, the microfiber pads are specifically designed to pick up pet hair. The way they’re made, they consist of thousands of tiny loops, which grip tight onto dog and cat hair—like a magnet. With just one glide, they'll pick up a significant amount of fur.

Once you’ve picked up the pet hair, you can brush it all off into the garbage can. From there, you can toss the microfiber pad into the washer for a quick clean. Why clog your vacuum with dog fur when you can easily get rid of it with a mop?

They're Not Just For Cleaning the Floor

There's no doubt that the microfiber mop pads are great for the floor. However, that's not all that they're good for. You can pretty much use them to clean any type of surface—for instance, they can be used for ceilings, walls, furniture, even your car! They're gentle enough that they won't damage any damage. The bottom line is that they're super versatile. Want something that'll allow you to clean the entire house? You can go wrong with Turbo mop pads.

They Will Not Scratch Your Floor (Or Other Surfaces)

The microfiber pads will not scratch your floors, whether you have hardwood or laminate. Incredibly soft, you won’t have to worry about them being abrasive.

You might want to be careful with the scrubbing pads, though—as mentioned earlier, it'd be a good idea to first test them out on an inconspicuous area.

They Will Save You Money in the Long Run

As mentioned earlier, Turbo mop pads are machine washable up to 100 times. Ultimately, what this means is that you'll be saving an incredible amount of money in the long run. To give you a better idea, some of the popular disposable pads out there in the market cost more than 40 cents a piece. This might not seem like much, but it can easily add up with regular mopping.

With just one Turbo mop pad, you'll be saving yourself the cost of 100 disposable pads. Buy a pack of four and you'll be saving yourself the cost of more than 400 disposable pads. It seems like a no-brainer to me!

They Allow You to Clean Faster

Our mop pads are made from a type of absorption wicking cloth; it also features a looped thread pattern—this allows it to absorb liquids and pick up debris. In other words, you won’t be “pushing” around dirt and dust. It’ll grab onto debris faster, which will allow you to finish your cleaning quicker.