How To Develop a Cleaning Routine for Maximum Efficiency

A clean and orderly home is a safe haven. It’s a place to rest and relax, a space to unwind from the whirlwind of the busy world outside. Except when it isn’t. If you come home to a messy, dirty and cluttered home night after night, your first thought may be to hire a housecleaner, the second to get rid of everything you own. If you are watching your budget the reality of a private housekeeper may not fit your lifestyle, and it is not likely that you will toss everything out at once, but on the bright side, you can learn many techniques from observing a talented housecleaner who works so efficiently.

Why have a cleaning routine?

Having an efficient cleaning routine takes much of the stress out of housework, you get to know from a hands-on level everything that you own and when done on a regular schedule, it prevents problems from arising. Think of it as maintenance and then you will begin to realize the understated importance. A cleaning routine that you perform weekly should do the trick in keeping your home tidy and clean, with some daily chores to keep it all together and functioning along the way. The key to prevent overwhelm of housework is to not let things go astray. If something spills, you immediately pick it up to prevent the spreading of a further mess. Apply this concept of thinking and acting to the rest of your home and when the weekly clean comes around you will have far less to get done than if you left it all to the end.

Tips for developing an effective cleaning routine

Start with some daily routines to keep your home clean:

Do the dishes daily, after every meal, if washing by hand. If using a dishwasher let it fill up for maximum efficiency. Whatever you do, don’t let them sit on the counter, or in the sink, becoming harder to clean with the passing hours and days. Allot time for this simple, yet enjoyable task each day to prevent unwanted bacteria and grime from accumulating in your kitchen.

Wipe the walls of the shower clean every time you use it. Use a squeegee, wipe it dry with a soft cloth and spray your shower with a natural disinfectant to prevent mold and mildew from accumulating in your bathroom. Cleaning often saves you the time and energy from dealing with a harder-to-tackle problem later.

Don’t create a laundry mountain. Wash your clothes regularly enough, so that you have time to dry, iron, fold and put your clothes away. We tend to follow by example, so when we can create our own good habits, it makes it easier to follow simple routines.

Refrain from making tiny piles of clutter. Let everything you own have a place in your home and try to stick to it, within reason of course.

Take your shoes off at the door. Floors can be swept daily, and depending on children and pets, perhaps more often than that. The less dirt you drag around from the bottom of your shoes, the easier your floors will be to keep clean.

Once you have mastered the daily routines to keep your home uncluttered and tidy, then you can work on developing your own weekly cleaning routine – the one that says you are always ready for guests to arrive at any moment. There are a number of tools you can use, as well as a variety of DIY natural cleaners, to assist you in the weekly clean.

If you choose to do the entire house, or just one room at a time, it is entirely up to you, but first things first, always start at the top. Use a long-handled tool to bring cobwebs and dust down to where you can easier pick it up. Then move onto the dusting of surfaces – bookshelves, table tops, picture frames, mirrors, lamps and so on. Use a solution of vinegar and water for glass surfaces and a gentle soapy cleaner for any stains that have mysteriously appeared during the week. Polish furniture only when necessary. If you have swept/vacuumed your floors during the week, it will come of no surprise to you that you will need to do them once more. Only this time, in the weekly clean, they may need to be washed as well. So, from top to bottom you can cover every surface of your home in just a matter of minutes.

The less stuff you have, the less items you have to touch and pick up every time you clean, the quicker and more efficient you will be. Minimalism and well organized cleaning go hand in hand. With the right tools a naturally clean home will always be under foot. Take time to develop efficient cleaning habits and you will never have to think twice about picking up a mop again!