How Decluttering Improves Home Cleanliness and Hygiene

Clutter is anything and everything in your home that you do not use, do not need and do not like. It is not only the physical blockages such as the growing pile of laundry or stack of bills on the kitchen counter that prevent a free-flowing rhythm in your home, clutter is tied up in the emotional attachments to items as well.

Negative energy brings us down, while positive energy does exactly the opposite – it lifts us up, brightens our mood and increases our joy of life. These are inspiring goals worth striving for, right?

A decluttered home has plenty of space to play in, breathe in and live in. It almost goes without saying that the air quality of an uncluttered home is far better than one stuffed with dusty knick-knacks and untouched items on the shelves. When your collections start collecting dust, then know that it is time for a change. Either you need to clean more often, adopt a new cleaning routine, or save your precious time and energy by getting rid of the things standing in your way.

Decluttering is the process of removing unwanted and unneeded things from your life, whether they be physical items, digital files or unhealthy relationships. In the home environment, this means making space for yourself. Selfish as it sounds, there is no good reason why you must keep every single gift that you are given. If it does not fit in with your style or philosophy of life, simply re-home the gift responsibly, recycle or toss it in the trash. Letting go is an art, it is also one of the first steps to a clean and healthy home! Imagine a house full of the things that bring you joy, value and recurring usefulness – and only those. It is quite possible that you would then take utmost care of everything you own with respect, attention and love.

Cleanliness and essential hygiene are possible when we are able to take careful consideration of everything under our watch. In a hospital setting, it makes perfect sense to be perpetually clean, in order to prevent the spreading of bacteria and other germs. At home we can provide a similarly clean environment, especially when we are following the 5S method to create a harmonious, organized space for ourselves and our family. When we let dishes sit in the sink - instead of washing them after every meal, when we spill dry or liquid material and let that sit for some time – because we are too busy to pick it up, when we leave toys astray (or any other items) – rather than putting them away after play: we are creating unhealthy, cluttered environments.

A messy home is prone to accidents. You can easily slip on a sheet of paper, or stumble over your own sneakers in the hallway. The risk of tripping and falling, for people of any age, increases with the amount of obstacles in your home, especially when piles of stuff are merely moved from one place to another in an effort to “clean” your space. In severe cases of unmanaged clutter there is also an unintended, yet increased risk of fire.

Expired foods and packages with rips or tears should be tossed in the trash, because they are also at risk for insect and rodent infestation. The rewards of keeping your home clean are plenty and the splendid benefits of decluttering and keeping your home uncluttered are many.

When your home is clutter-free you will:

  • Gain more time for things you love to do, rather than spend time searching for things you need to find.
  • Improve your ability to focus by creating a simple space, deleting objects that aren’t important for your wellbeing.
  • Be places on time. When everything has its designated place, you can be dressed, eat breakfast and have car keys in hand, ready to get out the door and to work on time.
  • Sleep better. When your bed is made every morning and the sheets changed regularly, your quality of sleep will increase. Not necessarily more hours spent in bed, just a better, more relaxed slumber.
We can live more fulfilling lives when we keep in mind that less mess equals less stress. Take the everyday stress out of cleaning your home, by decluttering as often, and as much, as necessary, so that dusting every object you own does not feel like a chore. When all is said and done, a clean home is a healthy home and the power of decluttering will energize your life.