Cost Comparison of Swiffer Sweeper vs Microfiber Mop Over Time

Many modern consumers have shifted away from throw away (disposable) style Swiffer mops and have moved to machine washable microfiber style mops. Most people who’ve made the change point to the enhanced cleaning ability, the environmental benefits, and of course the potential cost savings of using a microfiber mop over the disposable Swiffer alternative. Here, we aim to give an […]

How to Assemble a Microfiber Mop Head – Step by Step Instructions

Turbo’s microfiber mops are easy to put together! In case you’re getting tripped up, here are the mop head assembly directions: 1.) Connect the aluminum handle and mop head component, lining up the holes of the aluminum handle with the mop head. 2.) Insert the locking key into the mop head holes and through the aluminum […]

Washing Instructions for Microfiber Mop Pads

Proper washing is a great way to ensure that your microfiber pads last a long time. As we’ve discussed elsewhere, getting the most out of your microfiber pads means saving money and reducing environmental waste. For more specifics see our posts How Long Do Microfiber Mop Pads Last? & Caring for your Microfiber: Things to Avoid. Here we discuss […]

How To Clean Marble Floors

You’ve moved into a new apartment or house which has delicate stone surfaces and you don’t know how to clean marble floors or you’ve upgraded your home with stone, quartz, granite, or marble and you want to protect your investment. So, what’s the best way to clean and maintain your new delicate surfaces? Goals: First off, […]

How do Microfiber Pads Attach to the Mop Head?

Most microfiber mops, including our brand, have two strips of Velco on the bottom which stick to the pads. This method proves to work really well because the pads stay on securely during cleaning, but are still easy to remove for cleaning. See illustration below: 1.) To attach a pad, simply connect the pad to the velcro strips […]

How to Develop a Better Cleaning & Decluttering Routine using the 5S Method

Using the 5S Method to Improve Your Cleaning Routine and Reduce Stress Efficiency – the ability to avoid wasting resources such as time, money and energy – is a key element in having a clutter-free, less stressful home. One of the ways that we can achieve calm and peace of mind in the workplace and […]

How To Deep Clean Hardwood Floors

Here’s a quick guide and video tutorial on how to mop hardwood floors, in a way you may not have known about! Most of the time, cleaning hardwood floors requires just 2 steps – pick up dust, hair, and debris, then mop to a buffing shine (all while reducing wear and tear). Unfortunately, these 2 take most […]

What is muda? & What Can it Teach Us About Waste Reduction in the Home

Efficiency in the home is often related to cleanliness, orderliness and a stress-free environment. As consumers, we have the tendency to buy things we need and use, as well as things we think we need, and later find to be worthless. And along enters muda – a Japanese word, meaning futility; uselessness; wastefulness. There are 7 wastes […]

The Environmental Cost of Single-use Cleaning Supplies – Are they Worth the Convenience?

Environmental Impact of Single Use Swiffer Sheets and other Single Use Supplies In a world full of infinite cleaning products lined up, ready and waiting on store shelves, we are offered a colorful and scented plethora of multiple choices. Careful though, making a decision before you choose what to clean your floor with, because like a […]

How to Declutter Any Room in your Home in 6 Easy Steps

Clutter attracts clutter and space attracts space. Finding balance between the two extremes is no easy task, but with patience and perseverance your home can be tidy, clean and ready for surprise guests every day of the year. Before you start the process of decluttering and throwing things away left and right, it is beneficial […]